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By: Faris Ali Mahzan

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I turned three today. From early morning, I was showered with birthday wishes from mama, daddy and kak jaja. We even had a quick cake cutting ceremony before I went to the nursery. I received two birthday presents from mum and dad. Fortunately, other than being giftwrapped in pink, the contents of the presents were rather masculine. Mama and daddy had chosen hotwheels and matchbox cars as my presents. After opening my presents (when I was right in the middle of the excitement), I had to leave for the nursery. Things were rather usual at the nursery, until after dinner when mama, daddy and kak jaja came knocking on the door. I thought it was time to go, and perhaps they came quite early considering that today was my birthday. Boy, was I wrong!! They brought a really big cake for me to share it with all my friends at the nursery. My friends gathered around, sang the birthday song, gave me a birthday card and then each of us was served with the vanilla sponge cake (with strawberry jam filling). Everyone said that the cake was good, and some had a second serving.

While the party had been great, I particularly remembered when Shania (the only girl in my group) confessed how much she adored me.... At least, that was what I thought she was doing. She was by my side and we were holding hands the whole time until she started to reach for my Dora batch. All her attention to me was only a ploy to come near my Dora batch that was pinned on my t-shirt. How could she... If she thought that she could come between my Dora and me... you certainly picked the wrong boy . I was ready to wail and I am quite certain mum and dad would come running (like they always do) and she would immediately be sorted. Luckily, she realised that she can never win over me, especially not today when I was the centre of attention, the guest of honor, the man of the hour. As I was closely watching her every move, then I realised, she never intended to snatch the Dora batch. She was reaching to straighten it out as it was upside down. Of course, that was what she wanted to do!!! Why didn't I think of that? After all she is my friend and friends do not usually do things which will hurt his/her own friends. Instead my wild imagination had almost cost me a friendship. But luckily, three year olds... don't act and think like the adults do. In our world, even if we bickered and quarralled during this instance, a minute later, it would have been forgotten and we would get along like nothing had ever happend. I am sure, if the same principles were adopted by the adults, life would have been easier and happier for them too.

Sunday, 1-Feb-2009 02:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
One snowy day

Today, I woke up to find the world had decided to turn white. While mother nature was freezing everything, we took the opportunity to have some funtastic time sliding down the hills

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Just another ordinary day

I have been meaning to describe to you my `ordinary' day at work. I generally leave for work on my little bike called the `trike'. My first stop is definitely the barn where I will visit all the farm animals and see if they are doing okay. My favourite animals are the cows, donkeys and alpacas. Aren't they just gorgeous!

Next, I'll continue my journey to feed the ducks at the pond. Hang on... where's my ducks? Where did all the ducks go? I didn't see any of them? Probably they are still full from yesterday's dinner! Let's see if my friend `the squirrel' knows where they are. So, next stop, the squirrels!

Hiya, mate! Are you okay? Do you know where did the ducks go??

What?!! Are you sure? They went to the waterfalls?? Water rafting ?? At the waterfalls? Ok, I better make a move, if I want to catch up with them. The waterfall is quite a long way from here. I have to go through the tunnels, on a train before I reached the waterfall. Let's get going now!!

The train ride... by the way, just had my ice-cream during the train ride!! Yummy!!

More cycling....are we there yet??

Finally... that's the waterfall... but where are you duckies??

It can't be right. You are not at the waterfall. Where are you friends???Ooohhh...there you are... I have been running all around the park looking for you. And you never actually left the pond!! Hmm... interesting.

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This was a backdated event. It happened over a month ago but was still fresh in my mind. Last minute (like she always does things), mum decided she wanted to be part of her youngest brother’s big day. Despite everything that was going on with her own life, she dropped everything to be by her `mum’ (my opah that is!). Dad came back a little bit later cos he didn’t have many day offs. So, it was mum and me from MAN-AMS-KUL. And guess what, I was extremely good. I slept all the way from AMS-KUL. We arrived in KUL on the day of the akad nikah. We had to rush from the airport to the mosque. Oh yeah, lucky us Mak Long was there to pick us up from the airport. When we arrived, the akad nikah was almost over. Acu had a shocked of his life seeing us there. He was rather emotional. So, it was a good surprise after all! When we arrived home – in Ampang, hmm… what can I say, I adjusted right away. It felt like I had never left… mum was worried that I wanted to go back to my home in Manchester… but I never once asked. Despite the hot weather and everything, I loved the company, the attention etc. Why should I even bother, this is my home after all!

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